The 5 BEST Christmas fireplace decorating tips

This post is all about the 5 BEST Christmas Fireplace Decor Tips and how to make your holiday home warm this holiday season without busting the budget.

Published September 18, 2023
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Christmas can be a fantastical time of year and especially joyful to decorate one’s house. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace with a great mantle, decorating it for Christmas can be a fun yearly tradition.
Here are the top 5 Christmas Fireplace Decor tips for you to make your fireplace shine.

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#1 – Add height with a tall mirror

rustic christmas fireplace decor

Mirrors can be the most common and neutral way to decorate a fireplace at Christmas. Mirrors can add height and much more aesthetically pleasing aspects to fill the space.

A tall mirror, in a neutral tone, can then be used for not only Christmas, but also for holidays throughout the year. Neutral tones for a mirror in the colors of white, black or gold are highly valued and pleasing in style right now.

Place the mirror in the center of the fireplace mantle, in the back against the wall, and layer all other objects around the mirror.

If you want to add more aesthetic with mirrors, go for multiples and layer the mirrors on the fireplace mantle. Choose neutral tones so you can use them for multiple seasons and holidays. Whicker is a timeless classic and so is cane.

If you find a mirror you love, but the color is unappealing, clean it up and give it a quick buff sanding with sandpaper. Then, tape the mirror off and spray paint or paint it any color you like. This way you can thrift a mirror you adore and use it in your home. Decorating can be fun, but it doesn’t have to break the budget.

#2 – Bring in a pop of color

christmas fireplace decor simple

During Christmas, adding color in objects placed on the fireplace mantle help to decorate not only the room but also tie in the decorations to the rest of the house.

Color can come into the Christmas Fireplace Decor in a variety of ways. One of which can be long garland nestled on top and cascading down the sides of the fireplace. The garland can be just green pine or bring in more color variations with florals, golden bells, red beads or more.

Along with the garland, add a string of natural wooden beads woven into the garland and draping on the edges of the mantle. Garland can add warmth to a room and also color if holly or mistletoe is added as well.

christmas decorations over fireplace
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#3 – Green is good – Add a plant

Christmas may be all about pine trees, holly and mistletoe, however you can stretch the green and plants to a Christmas Cactus.

A Christmas Cactus blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they can last for many years. My aunt, for instance, has a Christmas Cactus from her parents from her chickhood. They can vary in flower colors as well. The flowers can come in red, yellow and white, orange and purple and pink as well.

Place your Christmas Cactus on the fireplace and watch it as it blooms during the holiday season.

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#4 – Candles are ALWAYS a win

christmas fireplace decor ideas

Candles placed on a fireplace mantle at Christmas adds warmth and aesthetic to the room for the holiday season. Flameless candles can be a safe alternative, especially in high traffic areas or with kids for safety.

If flames are not your style, flameless candles are becoming very popular and a great comparison. Flameless candles can be tall taper candles, 1-inch, short pillars and even multi-height variation candles. Most flameless candles come with remotes to control flame flicker, color and time.

If your budget doesn’t allow for flameless candles, search through your inventory of decor and decorate with candles that you have on-hand. Pillars, short, tea candles and more. There are so many options to decorate your fireplace for the Christmas season.

#5 – Stockings and holders

christmas fireplace garland
christmas fireplace decorations

Is there anything more Christmas than stockings? Whether you use them to surprise your people with candy or gifts, or you have them empty hanging on the mantle, stockings are a great way to add decoration to any space.

You can use a stocking with color, neutral or monogramed. Stockings can be colorized to fit any color scheme and design style.

There are many choices such as knit stockings, velvet stockings, wool stockings, fleece and more and can come in just about any colors.

In recent years, buffalo plaid has been very popular. Having stockings is great, but you also need a way to hang them on the fireplace mantle. For a budget-friendly way to find stocking holders, check out your local thrift stores.

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This post was all about the 5 BEST Christmas Fireplace Decorating Tips.

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