The 10 BEST New Year’s Resolutions

This post is all about 10 BEST New Year’s Resolutions for you to live your best 2024.

10 new year's resolutions

Published October 9, 2023
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What is New Year’s without New Year’s Resolutions? These are the top 10 Resolutions to help you create your own list for 2024.

The resolutions are:

  • To Exercise More
  • To Eat Healthier
  • To Lose Weight
  • To Save More Money
  • Spend More Time with Friends/Family
  • Spend Less Time on Social Media
  • Reduce Job Stress
  • Reduce Spending on Living Expenses
  • To Live More Economically
  • To Quit Smoking

Out of these 10 New Year’s Resolutions, you can then pick and choose which one, or ones, you want to pick for yourself this coming year.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

#1 – Exercise More

For many years, this has been the #1 New Year’s Resolution. Having a drive to exercise more, move more, get your steps in, is the #1 motivator during the process of making New Year’s Resolutions.

Starting small is the first step. Go on a walk after dinner, get up 15 minutes earlier and walk before work, take the steps instead of the elevator. There are SO many ways to add little bits of exercise through your day.

It is, however, highly recommended to NOT join a gym. Do not go out and buy all of the outfits and equipment. Many businesses thrive on that January sale for people who desire to jump into exercising in the New Year.

Many have items in their closet that can work for you for a few weeks until a routine has been developed. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so stick to it for a few weeks before joining a gym or buying all of the things.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Exercise More in 2024.

new year's resolutions exercise more

#2 – To Eat Healthier

For the second most listed New Year’s Resolution, eating healthier comes in with a bang.

This resolution is quite possibly the easiest to do and equally the hardest. With ease of access, price and desire, choosing to eat healthier can be a crutch.

Making small choices and changes can help you to begin eating healthier in the New Year. Small changes can be to not have snacks before bedtime as it jumpstarts your metabolism in the middle of the night and can help lead to insomnia. Don’t eat after 7pm.

Eating healthier can be other small changes like swapping traditional pasta with chickpea pasta or vegetable pasta using a spiralizer.

With using chickpea pasta, the most important part is to not overcook the pasta. Additionally, you can swap chickpea pasta with any regular recipes for a boost of protein and lesser carbs.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier in 2024.

Additionally, to swapping out pasta, swap out breads with Gluten Free varieties for healthier options.

new year's resolutions eat healthier

#3 – To Lose Weight

Coming in at third place is losing weight. A whopping 49% of Americans want to lose weight, according to a recent Gallup Poll.

Losing weight, especially as you age, can become incredibly hard to do. To make this process easier, start small. Schedule a walk every few days just to get started on a new routine.

Since June, on a health journey, I have lost over 20 pounds. I have gone Gluten Free and Dairy Free, no caffeine and no alcohol. Well, almost no alcohol, red wine is ok as it is naturally Gluten Free, and I can’t give it up totally.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight in 2024.

new year's resolutions lose weight

#4 – To Save More Money

Use less, buy less, be frugal.

You hear these things all the time relating to saving more money.

With this folder, you can then save $5,050 in one year. This system comes in 10 colors and has 100 envelope slots for cash each day. These binders can be used to help you save for vacation, college, and more.

Our family decided to do the envelope system to weekly put cash in and that alone is what is used for spending. We use this for FOOD, CLOTHING, TOILETRIES, PET, BABYSITTING, ENTERTAINMENT, RESTAURANT, COSMETICS, BOOKS, GIFTS, and OTHER.

Doing this helps our family save money by NOT spending it using a debit or credit card. In fact, in 2018, we cut up 13 credit cards. That’s right, 13! The quickest way you can save money is to cut those suckers up and spend only what you have.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Save More Money in 2024.

#5- Spend More Time with Family/Friends

Now more than ever, spending time with family and friends is important. We can all say that after the last three years, spending time with our loved ones is a high priority.

Go to the holiday get together, say yes to the wedding invitation, invite friends over for a game night, and throw your kids a birthday party with their friends.

Make it your New Year’s Resolutions to Spend More Time with Family/Friends in 2024.

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#6 – Spend Less Time on Social Media

Spending less time on social media in 2024 seems like a great New Year’s Resolution.

Set a timer on your phone for digital use, and only allow yourself to be on social media for a certain amount of time each day. In addition to digital wellness, make sure to also put your phone away and down after 8pm and not go on it prior to sleep. Being on your phone within an hour of sleep disturbs your sleep.

Make it your New Year’s Resolutions to Spend Less Time on Social Media in 2024.

#7 – Reduce Job Stress

Leave your work at work and do not bring it home.

As a stay-at-home-mom, this is the hardest thing to relate to. Being in my house all day, every day, there is little time to “leave” it.

Take the vacation, use the PTO and don’t work when you are not scheduled. One of the biggest ways to get burned out is to do more that you need. Lower your stress from your job by only giving your job what is needed. When you are not at work, give your life 100% and shut that part of your job off.

In France, for instance, they take almost the entire month of August off. Some countries work 40-hour work weeks, and that is it. One way to let your Job Stress be Reduced is to let it be your job, not your life.

Make it your New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Job Stress in 2024.

#8 – Reduce Spending on Living Expenses

Living expenses in the last few years has increased to an amount that causes middle class people to begin hemorrhaging money. Using energy-saving lightbulbs when they break helps to save on electricity.

Additionally, save on your food budget by making meals at home and shopping at a store that is not the most expensive. Shop around and find the best prices on items and groceries you need.

ALDI is a wonderful grocery store that has lower prices and great variety of foods that are organic, gluten free and local.

To help with keeping track of your spending, try starting the envelope system. Separate each envelope into common needs like FOOD, TOILETRIES, CLOTHING, ENTERTAINMENT, GIFTS, BOOKS, and OTHER. Each week, withdraw cash and place the bills into the correlating envelope, and only use the money when needed and when there is cash available. Cash is king!

If you pick up this habit of using only cash, according to Dave Ramsey, you will then feel the pain of handing over cash instead of just swiping a card to purchase an item.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Reduce Spending on Living Expenses in 2024.

#9 – To Live More Economically

The first thing you need to do is define “economic” to figure out what this New Yera’s Resolutions truly means. Economically means “in a way that uses no more of something than is necessary, relating to finances.”

How many ways have you tried to live more economically? Since childhood, we learned to turn lights off when you leave a room, keep the heat off till November, the dishwasher uses less water and try to hang dry clothes instead of using the dryer.

As much as these tips do tend to help, there are so many more “adult” things to do.

The most important is to create a budget. A budget can help you set goals on a week and month basis to meet your financial goals. My husband and I have done Financial Peace University for many years, and it has helped us get debt free.

Creating a budget and getting debt free is a great way to live economically.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Live More Economically in 2024.

new year's resolutions live economically

#10 – To Quit Smoking

In the United States, 28.3 million people smoke cigarettes. Of that, 3.08 million United States middle and high school students have at least one cigarette product, including e-cigarettes.

The national average price of a pack of cigarettes is $6-to-$8.
The national average of the price of an e-cig is $15-to-$100.

If you decide to add quitting smoking to your New Year’s Resolutions, make sure to have a strong support system in place for accountability and help.

There are many products on the market today that range from self-help books to gum to patches.

Back in 2008, my husband and I were married and decided to have kids right away. I was 21 and he was 23, and we both were smokers. For many years, I smoked a pack every other day. In July of that year, before trying to have a baby, I quit. Without any products but the sheer drive to not smoke while pregnant was the strongest determining factor to not smoke anymore.

A desire to quit is the #1 determining factor in making this New Year’s Resolution work for you.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking in 2024.

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Whether you chose to Lose Weight, Eat Healthier or Spend Less Money, making a New Year’s Resolution can be a fun way to ring in the New Year.

Comment below what you are picking for 2024!

This post was all about the 10 BEST New Year’s Resolutions.

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