The 4 BEST Valentines Day Fireplace Decor Tips

This post is all about the 4 BEST Valentines Day Fireplace Decor tips.

valentines day fireplace decor

Published November 6, 2023
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Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day does not have to be a chore. It can be fun and a way to express yourself during the holiday season. You can decorate your fireplace with reclaimed items, things in your home or make decorations from scratch.

There are many ways to decorate your fireplace. From bunting to flowers, vases to mirrors, keeping your options open with decorating tips and a variety of items helps to keep your home feeling warm and cozy.

Valentines Day Decor Tips

#1 – Add height with a tall mirror

Mirrors are one of the single most easy items to add to your fireplace decor rotation. There are so many varieties of mirrors. White, farmhouse, industrial, metal, black, wood and more. Having a basic mirror as part of your decorating scheme helps to broaden your style when the seasons change.

Not every mirror needs to be perfect. In fact, vintage is TOTALLY in. Finding a mirror at a thrift store or second-hand is a great way to save money and have a great mirror.

A few years ago, when my husband and I were first married, we were gifted a mirror from my grandparents. The first few months of marriage, we lived in their house while they were in assisted living facilities. This mirror is heavy. Like, REALLY heavy. The mirror has this great molding, but it isn’t that great of quality.

To make the mirror more modern and less golden oak, it was sanded down, primed, then painted white. The white mirror frame with the imperfect glass makes this vintage mirror versatile and useable for all seasons.

valentines day fireplace decor

Place the mirror in the center of the fireplace, either horizontal or vertical. Then, once you have your mirror in place, you can decorate around it with all of your Valentines Day Decor. For more options, from metal in various colors, check out HERE on Amazon for more.

#2 – Vases can bring a pop of color

Vases can be empty or full. An empty vase can be a great way to add color to your Valentines Day Fireplace Decor. For Valentines Day, vases that are pink, white or red are a great addition to your mantle.

Tall vases, wide vases, round vases and square vases. There are SO many options that you can use to add to your decorating arsenal.

There are even vases that are specifically designed for Valentines Day. Just like this KingZiYu Love Sign Set of 4 Ceramic Small Flower Vases, you can have a perfectly designed vase for your Valentines Day Fireplace Decor.

This stunning painted glass vase was recently found at a thrift store near me. The cherry blossoms are painted pink and white with splashes of gold. The purple on the vase is in an ombre design, with the bottom dark and fading lighter towards the top.

As far as vases for Valentines Day go, this one was a slam dunk for only $4.99!
Pro tip: look at your local thrift stores to find decorations for your Valentines Day Fireplace Decor, as you can then find them at an incredible price.

valentines day

#3 – Red, Pink, and White Bunting

Bunting can be used for any occasion. Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Valentines Day.

Bunting can be made of paper, felt, cardboard and more. Buying bunting is a safe option, if you are lacking time and materials. However, if you want to spend some craft time with your kids, you can make it yourself in just a little amount of time.

To buy adorable Valentines Day bunting on Amazon, check out the link HERE or below. There are hundreds of designs and patterns to choose from.

For a frugal option, instead of buying, you can make your own bunting with paper and yarn. Use a cookie cutter to trace and then cut out the shapes. Cut a slice in the tops on the right and left, around 1/4-inch, then thread a yarn through the holes. Place the yarn on the fireplace mantle, then enjoy your handy and frugal decoration!

Just think of this as a Valentines Day activity you can also do with kids!

How to store the bunting?

Once you are done with your bunting, store it in a plastic bag and label it “Fireplace Bunting” so you know where it goes! This way, you can then use it each year if you love it so much. By laying each heart on top of the next one, you avoid any yarn tangles.

In addition to storing the bunting in a plastic bag by itself, you can also store your Valentines Day Decor in its own bin. Our basement storage area is great with shelves for each bin. Each bin is labeled with various holidays. We have Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Valentines Day.

valentines day flowers

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#4 – Candles are ALWAYS a hit!

Candles are always a great addition to any decorating design. Finding the right candle holders that can be used through the year is a win.

Design on a candle stick is easy to pick. If you want a timeless look, gold is always a win, and when topped with white candles, you have a timeless look perfect for any Valentines Day Fireplace Decor.

valentines day fireplace decor mantles

Tall 1-inch candles fit into most candlesticks. These Hyoola 12 Pack Tall Taper Candles are white and can then be used for EVERY occasion. Having a stash of white taper candles on hand for any occasion is a great way to decorate your table and mantle.

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This post was all about the 10 BEST Valentines Day Fireplace Decor tips and products.

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