9 Insanely Vital Kitchen Items You Need

This post is all about the 9 Insanely Vital Kitchen Items You Need to buy for your home.

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Published September 11, 2023
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If you cook or bake, these 9 Vital Kitchen Items are a comprehensive list of the must-haves for your cooking and baking needs. Having the best items in your kitchen for cooking needs makes cooking easy and uncomplicated.

This list has utensils and supplies as well as gadgets and small appliances you need for daily culinary perfection.

Favorite things

#1 – Makerstep Premium Quality Over the Sink Colander

Whether it is washing grapes, rinsing lettuce or straining pasta, this Over the Sink Colander is literally my favorite thing which is why it is #1 on the Vital Kitchen List. We use this colander every day for just about every recipe made in the kitchen.

This sink colander is stainless steel and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Along with how easy it is to clean; the sink colander has rubber grips, and they expand out to fit most sinks.

Keeping a sink colander off the sink basin, thus avoiding germs and bacteria, helps to keep your food safe.

kitchen utensils list

#2 – Wolfgang Puck 12-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

You will LOVE this Wolfgang Puck 12-Piece bowl set. We use it every day in our kitchen for food prep, storage, popcorn, whisking sauces and even shredding cheese and vegetables. The bowl set nestles within each other for easier storage.

Additionally, they each come with a fitting lid and one with interchangeable replacement various size blades for shredding or slicing foods.

These bowls are stainless steel for easy clean and dishwasher safe.

kitchen staples

#3 – KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart

Every kitchen needs a KitchenAid 5-Quart Mixer, but not all mixers are created equal. If it is not a KitchenAid, make sure they are quality and highly rated.

Some mixers are smaller, with the bowl measuring 3 to 4 quarts. These are small and do not typically great for a traditional recipe.

With a KitchenAid mixer, you can use it for breads, pasta, cookies, cheese, cheesecake, and so many more recipes. The options are actually endless with this 5-Quart mixer as the bowl is larger and suitable for most recipes.

essential kitchen tools

#4 – Cuisinart Food Processor 14-Cup

Just like a mixer, all food processors are not created equal. This Cuisinart Food Processor is by far the best option on the market for food processors.

This Food Processor can shred, chop, mix, blend sauces and much more. Just last week we shredded cheese, made balsamic vinaigrette, edible vegan cookie dough, mayonnaise and pizza dough. This Cuisinart Food Processor can do anything and if you need one item in your kitchen, this is the most vital and versatile.

kitchen items list

#5- Rachael Ray Tools Spatulas

This Rachel Ray Spatula Set is #5 on this Vital Kitchen Items list. Spatulas are so versatile, great for just about every kitchen use. You can use them to clean out jars, make sauces, spread food and cook food. You can use spatulas every day for just about every purpose. These are one of the most vital kitchen items that you need for cooking and baking.

This spatula set comes in three sizes, large, medium and small. The large is great for big quantities of food while the small helps get in nooks and crannies of bowls and jars.

must have kitchen items

#6 – Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 12-inch

Above all pans, we love using a Cast Iron Skillet daily, which is why this Lodge Cast Iron 12-inch Skillet is #6 on this Vital Kitchen Items List.

When seasoned properly, a Cast Iron Skillet is great for years and can help you by being a fantastic tool in the kitchen. When first purchased, cast irons claim to be “pre seasoned”, but in truth they need to be re-seasoned at home.

It is super simple to clean Cast Iron and to also re-season the pans.

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#7 – Kitchen Plastic Cutting Board Set

Another item on the Vital Kitchen List that can be used daily for a various cooking and baking needs is this Plastic Cutting Boards Set. These are made with durable materials that are easily cleaned and dishwasher safe.

They also come in many colors that represent what types of food to be used on each mat. They have cutting boards with symbols for fish, beef, poultry, vegetables and fruit to avoid cross contamination.

kitchen utensils list

#8 – Crockpot 7 Quart Slow Cooker

Crockpots are great for soup, stew, roasts, refried beans, dips and so many more recipes. That is why this 7-Quart Crockpot is #8 on the Vital Kitchen Items list. Just last year, ours was used to make Cider that was SO incredibly delicious for a Christmas Eve treat.

You can find Crockpots in many sizes and styles. Some of the sizes of Crockpots include 7-quart, 8-quart, 1–quart, 3 2.5-quart buffet style, and many more. You can have a slow cooker for many purposes.

#9 – OXO Lemon Zester

For fresh recipes, using a Lemon Zester with lemon, limes or oranges, help to give bold flavors to food. This OXO Lemon Zester is not used every day, but it is used when needed and does an incredibly amazing job.

Additionally, you can use a zester for ginger and even garlic.

kitchen utensils list


#10 – Pampered Chef Rectangular Stone 12” x 15”

If you have never baked cookies or bread on a baking stone, you are missing out! Baking stones provide the BEST cookies and perfect pizza crust every time.

They are reasonably priced and can last for many years when properly kept and cleaned. Make sure to wash them with water only and dry completely when done.

Baking stones, from Pampered Chef, come in round and rectangle sizes. They also have bake dishes that are stone and stones that are muffin pans.

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This post was all about the 9 Insanely Vital Kitchen Items that you need for your home.

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